Look and Feel

From Obscura

The overall aesthetic for Obscura is fantasy with renaissance-era science.

There are two major cultures in the known world, the Venucci and Enclaves. Even though Clare sits between these cultures, most inhabitants show a strong preference for one or the other in terms of dress and custom.


Venucci like “finer” fabrics, colourful schemes, trim and patterns, and decorative adornments such as jewellery.

The aspirational Venucci look is western European Renaissance period, though anything from late middle ages stretching to Victoriana can work. Try to avoid anything that looks more modern than mid-1800s, so late Victorian styles would be less appropriate.

More fantasy-inspired looks like robes, gowns and cloaks are certainly acceptable, but please try to use (preferably non-fur) trim, colours and patterns so as to distinguish yourself from the Enclave cultural look.


Enclavees would typically wear thick, either layered or fur-lined, robes or tunics in the south, but they are usually reduced to thinner robes or tunics when in more temperate climes like Clare. Enclave culture tends to favour simple designs and simple block colour schemes; avoid too many decorative elements or too complex a colour scheme. A simple cloth symbol or tabard signifying group membership is somewhat common. Conspicuous consumption is not really a thing in Enclave culture, so high status and low status individuals tend to dress similarly, except for a symbol denoting badge of office if applicable.

As a result, much generic fantasy kit works for the Enclave cultural look. A classic plain robe or T-tunic for example A utilitarian "ranger" outfit would also work for those that spend a lot of time outside. If you want to be more aspirational, you can add fur (though it should appear to be primarily for warmth rather than decorative) or add additional layers.

Starting out

You don’t have to splash out on costume to get playing. The society has an armoury, which includes some basic setting-appropriate kit that you can borrow. If at all possible, please turn up in a skirt or pair of plain trousers not made of denim, and any unobtrusive shoes that aren’t white trainers. A plain shirt with no obvious logos is ideal for your top half. After that we can lend you basic layers to go over the top, as well as extra costume elements such as belts and leather armour.

The society has plenty of weapons to borrow - we don't recommend you splash out a larp weapon until you've definitely decided the hobby is for you.

Things to avoid

  • Anything obviously more modern than mid-1800s (except shoes).
  • White trainers.
  • Steampunk and Clockpunk devices. Obscura science is mostly focused around alchemy and biology, with physical sciences much less well developed, so blatant steam or clockwork elements are not really appropriate.

Clothing and gender

Neither culture has restrictions on clothing based on gender although due to our OOC biases we are well aware that subconsciously gendering a character based on their clothing is going to happen, and may be a positive or negative thing according to context. Please be sensible and if someone tells you their character’s pronouns or gender, make your best effort to remember and use the correct terms regardless of the clothes they are wearing.