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Roughly every 3 weeks, all characters gain a skill. This happens immediately before the interactive that week (feel free to narrate how you learned the skill in downtime, or not).

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Week 1 Week 3 Week 6 Week 1 Week 4 Week 7 Week 1 Week 3
7 Skills 8 Skills 9 Skills 10 Skills 11 Skills 12 Skills 13 Skills 14 Skills

However, gaining skills is not the only way to advance your character. You can find some ideas below. You can expect most paths to power in Obscura to have a persistent price, either in upkeep, drawbacks or obligations.

Elemental Pacts

It will be possible to make personal pacts with elementals you meet or summon, to make a sacrifice to get a benefit. As you can imagine, this will likely be a mixed blessing.

Elemental Touches

Surgical grafts, making pacts with elementals, snorting magical fields larger than your own head, and other Good Life Choices can cause you to become Elementally Touched, causing a change in appearance and behaviour, and sometimes giving unusual abilities.

Powerful Alchemicals

With access to a new world may come new opportunities to advance alchemy. While currently only second rank effects have been seen, alchemical theory suggests third or even fourth rank effects may be possible. If found, fourth rank effects could be potentially world-changing.

Advanced Rituals

Those who wish to advance thaumaturgy can put their efforts towards developing more powerful rituals or personalised enchantments to cast on themselves.

It's also possible to combine an elemental touch or an elemental's favour with thaumaturgy, to allow a thaumaturge to perform feats of magic not previously possible.

Political Power

Characters can of course go for good old fashioned social and political power. Building links with the factions in Clare or foreign powers might grant power and influence. However, with power comes responsibilities, and you can expect your allies to ask for favours in return.