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Basic Resources

The official currency of Clare is still the Enclave currency of the Ducatto. A single Ducatto is the basic living allowance of an Enclavee for a week, so it's a very large unit of currency. As a result, large transactions are undertaken in Ducatto, and small transactions are undertaken in favours, goodwill and hospitality. This constantly baffles visiting Venucci merchants, who continually pressure the Clare council to reissue the currency - which probably just contributes to their refusal to do so.

Ducatto are silver alloy, so can be consumed directly to provide power to rituals. They can be used to buy ingredients from the task force stores for use in alchemy (at 1 Ducatto per 2 ingredients). Basic alchemy ingredients are only ever bought and then used immediately, they're not physrepped and are too unstable to be carried around for future use.

Advanced Resources

There will be resources available beyond Ducatto. These advanced resources can be consumed directly as ingredients in alchemy. They may also be usable as power in rituals, but likely only for particular uses. Some rituals (particularly improvised ones) may only be possible with appropriate advanced resources available. These resources will also be required for most elemental grafts.


Mundane armour and weapons are readily available in Clare. Your character is able to obtain, by whatever means you deem appropriate, any equipment they can use.

If you are an invoker or become one, you will have made or otherwise obtained a focus for yourself.


Anyone can use alchemicals. These are given out as luggage tags, and you should attach them to an appropriate physrep for use.


These are items that have been found since the Sealing began to unravel, some with powerful effects. Not much is known about them, but they appear to be irreplicable.