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The invoker school teaches how to use a personalised magical or alchemical focus to produce elemental effects. This school excels at controlling the battlefield and supporting allies.


Invokers use a Focus, a personalised alchemical or magical item (whichever is more appropriate to your character) imbued with Energy to use focus powers. Foci don’t require a vocal to activate, but some invokers find a verbal element helps. Foci are typically held in the hand (which can be your offhand, not requiring ambidexterity) or worn. Foci can’t be used as weapons, even if larp-safe. Invokers are very attached to their focus, and it’s not possible to remove a focus by any means.

Foci can be constructed by various means, and can be many different types of object. Something that's common to all successfully constructed foci is a personal connection of some sort, either the focus is based on an object of personal importance to the invoker, or it was personally crafted by the invoker.

Examples of a magical focus could be an instrument, or scroll of thaumaturgic designs or a wand. An example of an alchemical focus could be a set of alchemical substances that you've learned to rapidly draw effects from.

Free Skills

Use Focus You have a pool of 4 energy and can use a focus.

You can use a focus power you know by touching your focus with a free hand and expending one energy. You must wait 5 seconds before using another focus power.

Begin with the Elemental Deflection skill, or one focus power as with the Improve Focus skill.

Invoker Armour Training You can wear armour for +2 hits. Your focus cooldown is increased by 5 seconds when wearing armour.

You have another additional hit when wearing armour with Extreme Toughness.

Armour is any item or set of items that makes you look armoured.

Recharge With 30 seconds of stationary roleplay, you can regain all of your energy.

Note that Invoker Armour Training is sightly different to the Rogue and Warrior equivalent.

Combat Skills

Skill Prerequisites Description
Elemental Deflection You can spend an energy to RESIST the entirety of a non-EPIC MAGIC call. This is not a focus power, so can be used while your focus is on cooldown and doesn’t put your focus on cooldown and doesn’t require you to touch your focus (though you must still have a focus on you).

You can use this skill while performing other skills.

You must wear a Magic Resistant tag to use this skill.

Improve Focus You improve your focus to invoke a new power. This skill can be taken multiple times, adding a new power each time.
Extra Energy You have one additional energy.
Exceptional Energy Extra Energy You have one additional energy.

Focus Powers

Restorative Call CURE 4.
Destructive Bolt Call MAGIC TRIPLE STUN.
Chain Shock Call MAGIC STUN on two different targets.
Enervate Call MAGIC WEAKEN.