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The warrior school focuses on the use of weapon skill, grit and determination to deliver overpowering flurries of blows, or to shrug off punishment. This school excels at melee combat and defense.

Free Skills

Perform Technique You have a stamina pool of 4.

You can expend one stamina to perform a technique that you know. There is no cooldown on using techniques.

You begin with one technique, as the Learn Technique skill.

Armour Training You can wear armour for +3 hits. Your stamina is reduced by 2 when wearing armour.

You gain another extra hit when wearing armour with Exceptional Toughness.

Armour is any item or set of items that makes you look armoured.

Second Wind With 30 seconds of stationary roleplay, you can regain all of your stamina.

Combat Skills

Skill Prerequisites Description
Learn Technique Learn a new technique for use in combat. This skill can be taken multiple times, learning a different technique each time.
Supreme Toughness Extreme Toughness You have one extra hit and another extra hit when wearing armour.
Extra Stamina You have one extra stamina.
Shield Training Melee Training You can use a shield up to 40” diameter, or similar size of tower or kite shield.
Grit Teeth Once per day, with a few seconds of roleplay you can suppress a single wound on yourself until a dramatically appropriate time during the next event.


Resolve Call CURE 7 on yourself with 5 seconds of roleplay.

If wearing armour you can CURE 3 yourself with a short vocal.

Implacable RESIST a non-EPIC STUN call, or RESIST a non-EPIC CRUSH call to mitigate it to TRIPLE.

If the call has other effects they still apply. If a composite call has CRUSH and STUN you can use this technique on both by spending 2 stamina.

You can use this technique while performing other skills.

You must wear a Sturdy tag to use this technique.

Melee Expertise
Strike for TRIPLE with any melee weapon.
Two-handed Prowess
Strike for STUN with a melee weapon longer than 42” and shorter than 60”.
Taunt With a short vocal, call COMPEL: Attack me.

Only usable on creatures that are already attacking someone.