Elemental Touch

From Obscura

Elemental Touch is currently very rare, but seems to be on the increase since the recent troubles. Humans can be touched by the elements, changing their appearance and behaviour. Up to a few months ago this was limited to relatively sparse elemental markings, but some have now been seen with more extensive Touches, occasionally even giving them unusual abilities. People with elemental touches are looked upon with suspicion by many people and in some cases disgust.

It’s known that becoming elementally touched is possible through major magical or alchemical mishaps. Recently some experimentation has been done with deliberate surgical grafts of elementally active material, but such material has only become available in the last few months so is a very new field. Legend has it effects similar to this were also sometimes exhibited by those who had made pacts with elementals, adding to the suspicion over people exhibiting them.

  • PCs can start untouched or with one Brush With Element only.
  • Basic grafts are an accessible way to get a chosen basic elemental touch.
  • Elemental touches with a combat benefit will typically take a mortal wound slot.
  • Random elemental touches may happen as a result of contact with large magic and alchemy effects, but only with the player’s OC agreement.
  • Basic elemental touches grant predictable benefits for predictable drawbacks.
  • Advanced grafts and pacts with elementals are ways to get more powerful elemental touches, which will have a dramatic effect on the character. The more powerful the elemental touch the more dramatic the appearance change should be.
  • You cannot have the same elemental touch twice, with a few exceptions (such as Brush With Element).

Elemental touches have strong roleplaying effects and will affect how NPCs interact with the person, particularly elementals. They may also have mechanical advantages and disadvantages. Becoming elementally touched can never happen without the player’s OC consent. Once touched by an element it can’t easily be removed (though it is possible), but a change within the same element is fine (and a way to alleviate OC issues with a physrep). It is possible to become elementally touched from two non-opposing elements. Becoming elementally touched by opposing elements is probably a terrible idea.

Basic elemental touches will have a preset type of physrep required. Advanced elemental touches can be more custom, and there is scope for red, green, blue and grey/white face markings, fey features, iconic animal features, demonic features and undead features.

Example Elemental Touches

Name Element Physrep Mechanical Effect Roleplaying Effect
Brush With Element Any SparseFAQ face markings of your elemental colour. None.

Special: May be gained once per element.

RP effects of your choice in line with your element.
Third Eye Any An extra eye in the colour of your element. You can control an extra power when leading rituals of your element.

You cannot lead or participate in rituals of your opposing element.

You want to find things out, particularly anything to do with your element.
Horns Creation Horns Once per encounter you can call STUN with a melee weapon.

Takes a mortal wound slot.

Aggressive towards strangers.
Necrotic Strike Destruction Extensive dark skin or veins on the hand and/or arm. Once per encounter you can strike with a melee weapon for DOUBLE and CURE 2 yourself.

Takes a mortal wound slot.

You are inclined to believe the ends justify the means.
Flame Lash Chaos Extensive red skin or veins on the hand and/or arm. Once per encounter you can call MASS MAGIC TRIPLE.

Takes a mortal wound slot.

You are quick to anger.
Beguiling Voice Order Blue lips You may call EPIC EFFECT when using the Hearts and Minds skill.

If you knowingly tell a lie, take EPIC TRIPLE STUN.

You greatly dislike lying.