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Supposedly named for its unconventional combat style, rather than the behaviour of its members, but some insist on being called “scouts” or “skirmishers” nonetheless. The rogue school focuses on the use of wits and cunning to gain advantage, evade attacks and exploit vulnerabilities. This school has options for melee and ranged combat, and excels at hit and run tactics and skirmishing.

Free Skills

Wits and Tricks You have exceptional Wits, allowing you to perform tricks that you know. Performing a trick uses your Wits, after which it takes 5 seconds to get your Wits back.

You begin with one trick, as with the Learn Trick skill.

Armour Training You can wear armour for +3 hits. It takes an extra 5 seconds to get your Wits back when wearing armour.

You gain another extra hit when wearing armour with Exceptional Toughness.

Armour is any item or set of items that makes you look armoured.

Combat Skills

Skill Prerequisities Description
Learn Trick Learn a trick. You can take this skill multiple times, learning a new trick each time.
Archery Training Thrown Training You can use a bow or crossbow in two hands.

Bows and crossbows take concentration to handle. It takes an extra 5 seconds to get your Wits back if you have a bow or crossbow on your person.

If it’s unsafe to fire at a target then you can call ranged TRIPLE and fully unload your weapon. You can only do this if you have a clear shot, not appreciably blocked by a shield.

Danger Sense Once per encounter you can RESIST a non-EPIC, non-melee call that is damage, REPEL, STUN or WEAKEN.

If a composite call has multiple applicable calls in it (i.e. "TRIPLE STUN") you resist them all with one use of this skill.

You can use this skill while performing other skills.

You must wear a Nimble tag to use this skill.

Quick Wits Once per encounter you can use a trick without using your Wits.
Rapid First Aid With 5 seconds of stationary touch range appropriate roleplay you can CURE 1 another character.


Danger Awareness With a short vocal regain your use of Danger Sense.

You can use this trick while performing other skills.

Backstab Strike a character from behind with a melee weapon shorter than 24” for WEAKEN or TRIPLE. You must be bodily behind your target, reaching around is not sufficient.

If you also have the Weapon Expertise trick, you can use this trick for TRIPLE once per encounter without using your Wits.

Fast Hands Instantly apply an alchemical that usually requires 5 seconds, or instantly apply Rapid First Aid.
Weapon Expertise Strike for TRIPLE with any melee or thrown weapon.
Weapon Precision Strike for STUN with a melee weapon shorter than 24” or a thrown weapon.