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Refs in Obscura exist in character as beings known as "Keepers". The existence of Keepers is not known in-universe at the start of the campaign. Keepers can be recognised by distinctive off-white robes.

Keepers understand magic and alchemy intuitively, but are bad at talking about the subject in an abstract sense (so you can ask them “how do I do this?” and probably get answer, but if you try to engage them in a general discussion of metaphysics they’ll probably have trouble giving you any insight you don’t already have).

Keepers can't make or receive calls in character, and can't knowingly lie or mislead. If a Keeper makes a call, it will be to deliver an effect from another source, such as an environmental effect or ritual fallout. Hopefully the source will be clear from context, otherwise you can ask for clarification.

Keepers can be targeted by rituals and experiments, but can't be affected by such things. You may be able to learn something from experiments and divination on Keepers.

The refs for this year are:

  • Jon Cooper (Head Ref)

The refs can be reached out-of-character by emailing