From Obscura

Seeking answers to questions in natural philosophy is often fraught with peril. Reckless alchemists and thaumaturges have the potential to wreak havoc in their general vicinity.

Whenever fallout is incurred (typically by pushing beyond one’s limits in a ritual or making an alchemical), the attending ref will draw a card from the fallout deck for each point of fallout and make the specified calls in order. Cards are not replaced until the entire fallout is resolved. Fallout is often area of effect (for fun and consequences for everyone!).

A typical fallout deck will consist of the following effects:

Different decks might be used, but if so the ref will declare how many WOUND cards are in it. If the fallout deck runs out (!) then any remaining draws are round robin WOUND on a participant.

If a participant becomes incapacitated or takes enough mortal wounds to become terminal as a result of fallout, the skill still succeeds. If it’s a ritual, the lead can discharge the effect of the ritual before becoming incapacitated or terminal.